Cao Dewang once said:An enterprise is built on human,which is the fundamental one among all enterprise elements. The  key is human and our insistence on humanism. During decades of operation and management practices,we've insisted on human-orientation and strived for harmonious and win-win labor relations.

To bond with staff psychologically

In Fuyao,human-orientation is not just a saying from the management but in flesh and blood. It is combined with operation management,personnel cultivation,security system inextricably.
We have a labour union to strictly implement state laws and regulations and to secure the legitimate rights and interests of our staff. According to the relevant laws and regulations,the labor contract is duly signed,and an organized working  schedule,a competitivare payment,and a  personnel development opportunity are provided for our staff. We've established a sound salary management and incentive mechanism to provide our staff medical insurance,endowment insurance,unemployment insurance,work injury insurance,and maternity insurance on time and in full.
In Fuyao,we are immersed in the culture of“human-orientation”and pround of being here. Unknowingly we've bond with Fuyao psychologically,that is the devotion to achieving our common goal.

Gorwing with Fuyao

We value the development of staff and run the company as school to cultivate talents for the nation and the industry.
We've sets up four major career channels for administration,technology,functionality,and operation. There are customized career plans for each staff and cultivation mechanism for long-term tracking and teaching which is formed jointly by several departments. By combination of staff training and promotion appraisal,especially operation skill appraisal for junior staff,evaluation of professional titles for technical personnels,qualification assessment for administrative staff,it realized the integration of training-appraisal/assessment-payment/promotion and provided actual help and security for staff's career development.
We've set up staff training center with its own independent and complete training system. It provides on-the-job training to promote staff's  career development by developing systematic courses based on internal needs. Every year,there are groups of talented staff joining in internal training system to learn from working practice and apply to practical use.
We've insisted on practical teaching for new graduates cultivation,therefore we've designed and developed“rookie blue training camp”programme especially for them. It provides specific development programmes for each graduate based on his/her major,speciality,and aspiration. The organization departments of HR,related plants,and oriented divisions will be on joint-tracking until they grow into technical backbone or management position.

With us:Happy Life,Happy Work

Fuyao has always treated every employee as a family and provides good working conditions,healthy living surroundings,expansive room for development. We've established mutual-trust & support working relations with staff through humanizative administration and caring. This unifies the interests of Group and staff and leads to a harmonious development among us.
In 2013,we've established beneficent funds committee as a platform to cultivate and carry forward ones' kindness,to promote loving and supportive team spirit,and to help staff who suffer from major financial losses due to emergencies. Through the donations from the Group and the staff,申博娱乐网址,申博娱乐手机登录,申博娱乐:a love fund will be used to help those who suffer major difficulties temporarily and improve the security level for staff.

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